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Prime Location

Companies looking for a prime location to open facilities should consider AeroPark, the Shreveport Regional Airport Industrial Park.

This premier aviation facility has more than 800 acres of prime land available for development, offering your industry the opportunity for immediate expansion or relocation. Our central U.S. location makes the park readily accessible for any aircraft / aerospace-related industry requiring taxiways and ramp access. Plus, AeroPark offers rail and interstate access to two interstates, warehouse and distribution facilities and private office space. From Shreveport, you can easily connect your business with the world.

The park is owned by the City of Shreveport under the management of the Shreveport Airport Authority. This governing body of business leaders is capable of making timely decisions without the red tape often associated with many airports.

Strengths of AeroPark

AeroPark's incentives and amenities are many compared to larger, more expensive airport parks. Some of the benefits include:

Enterprise Zone

The park is part of Louisiana's Enterprise Zone, a tax exemption program that means substantial tax credits for each new job created as well as sales tax exemptions on the purchase of tools, equipment and machinery.

In addition, Louisiana Freeport Law exempts goods and commodities in public or private storage from property taxes while moving through Louisiana to a final destination outside the state.

U.S. Customs Port of Entry

Shreveport's U.S. Customs Port of Entry enables products from around the world to be shipped and cleared here much faster than at high-traffic coastal ports of entry. In addition, businesses save money by eliminating wharfage fees as well as the transportation costs between entry ports and Shreveport Regional Airport.

Foreign Trade Zone Designation

Our highly secured area is legally considered as outside the domain of U.S. Customs Service by the U.S. government. This means foreign goods may be brought into the FTZ without formal customs entry or the payment of duty and excise taxes until and unless they enter the U.S. Testing, repackaging, inspections and further processing can also be conducted within the FTZ.

Air Navigational Facilities

In the center of the Shreveport Regional Airport Industrial Park is a 24-hour FAA operated control tower monitoring domestic travel, as well as industrial flights. AeroPark also features a CAT II, Instrument Landing System, high-intensity runway lights, an approach lighting system, a non-directional beacon, runway visual range, radar, a localizer / DME approach, VASIs, PAPIs, REILs, and lighted windsocks.


Runway 14/32 is 8,350 feet long and 200 feet wide with grooved pavement and Category II lighting, while Runway 6/24 is 6,200 feet long and 150 feet wide. The runways and taxiways have the highest weight-bearing capacity called for by the FAA and are able to accommodate the largest of aircraft.

Aircraft Rescue & Firefighting (ARFF)

Shreveport Regional Airport is a commercial airport and the facility provides the utmost in aircraft rescue and fire-fighting facilities which meet an Index B, the FAA's highest requirement. Our 24-hour team is ready to act should an unforeseen emergency arises. To speed response times the Airport Rescue and Firefighting facility was constructed beside the runway at a cost of $3 million.